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Introducing a fantastic opportunity to join one of the fastest growing and most progressive vehicle chip tuning dealer groups in Europe. Introduce economy and performance remapping into your business and reap the rewards by installing the high quality software Quantum Remap™ brand.

Very few products have such a profound effect on customers vehicles as a custom remap and they will be delighted with the performance and economy benefits, often telling friends and family, leading to more business. This is a radical and totally unique file package - No one in World currently offers anything like this - It will allow you to dramatically grow and develop your tuning business, with significantly increased margins over ANY competing file supplier. You are supplied a new Alientech KESSv2 for Cars & Light Commercials. There are no dealership fees; no franchise fees; no management fees; no marketing levies.

We are Authorised Alientech Distributors, checkout their website for confirmation.

This is THE lowest cost entry into the tuning business, that will grow with you, as your business does. Existing tuners will soon realise that this is a fresh start, with a great new tool, with no subscriptions and make huge savings on their cost per vehicle. Quantum Tuning are one of the leading companies in the remapping industry.


On-board diagnostics, or OBD, is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or a repair technician access to state of health information for various vehicle sub-systems. The amount of diagnostic information available via OBD has varied widely since the introduction in the early 1980s of on-board vehicle computers, which made OBD possible. Early instances of OBD would simply illuminate a malfunction indicator light, or MIL, if a problem was detected—but would not provide any information as to the nature of the problem. Modern OBD implementations use a standardized digital communications port to provide real-time data in addition to a standardized series of diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, which allow one to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle.

The OBD system provides owners with an early warning of malfunctions by way of a dashboard "Check Engine" light (also known as a Malfunction Indicator Light or MIL, for short). By giving vehicle owners this early warning, OBD protects not only the environment but also consumers, identifying minor problems before they become major repair bills.


In the engine tuning industry, three phrases are often used interchangeably. These are: OBD-2 ECU Tuning, Chip Tuning and ECU Programming. OBD stands for On Board Diagnostic. To make sense of this the word port is important because without the port, on board diagnostics would not actually exist; just as it didn't exist in the 1980's. So any 'OBD port tuning' or 'obd port remap' is just engine tuning or engine remapping completed via the use of the car's obd port.


The OBD port (On-Board Diagnostics) is basically a plug in the vehicle which can be connected to which has a self-diagnostic and reporting ability. The OBD port enables the vehicle’s owner or vehicle’s technician to access information relating to the health state of various vehicle sub-systems also called OBD Flasher.

What we Offer?

Our file bundle plans are simple, easy to understand, with no hidden surprises.

File Bolt-On’s

We offer the lowest cost quality tuning files in the remapping industry; the more you buy the cheaper they are.

The Bolt-on files do roll forward, giving your tuning business greater flexibility to expand with controlled costs. Single files are also available for occasional users. Normal file service hours are 7am-7pm GMT weekdays, 8am- 4pm Saturdays and all other times by advance request. All dealers have access to the same prices and get the same level of service. We do not offer a cheaper ‘no-frills’ file service, we prefer to work to the highest standards, not cut back.

All prices plus VAT at 20%, unless in Europe with a valid VAT number; or outside the EU.

Pricing Policy


We don’t believe in hiding price increases for certain vehicle types, so the price you see is the price you pay for a standard Stage 1 tune. You choose our standard, high-power or eco tune, plus any combination of available DPF, EGR or speed limiter solutions. If it’s a truck, tractor or boat then, again, it is one file cost.


Account facilities are available if you want to pay monthly by Direct Debit, or retained debit card, with up to 45 days free credit.

DPF Service

We are at the forefront of providing software for DPF solution on supported vehicles - this can be a valuable income stream and is included in your tuning file cost.

Speed Limiter Bonus

The package also includes speed limiter removal on supported vehicles.

Chip Tuning File Service

White Label File Service
  • Joining the Quantum Tuning dealer group is good for your business, but this might not suit everyone, so we can supply you on a confidential basis, completely transparent to your customer base.
  • This is something we currently do for dozens of well known companies around UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • If ever questioned about the source of your files by a customer, you simply tell them that you employ a top file writing company, under contract.
  • You still get the benefits of our technical support and free training. If you are in an area not covered by an existing dealer, you will also receive customer leads.


This is the absolute core of our business, with quality and best chiptuning service standards second to none - which is why so many top tuning businesses worldwide use us for their tuning files. Unlike most competitors, we have a team of file writers, so you are not reliant on just one person.

  • As a trade professional, you will already be confident to connect equipment to the diagnostic socket.
  • The KessV2 is a sophisticated protocol tool that plugs into the socket and then connects to a laptop in order to modify the vehicle.
  • The process is straightforward and controlled, with the software guiding you the whole way through, firstly the initial vehicle identification then onto reading the ECU file.
  • This file is sent to our Files Office who will make the modifications and return the file to you to be written on the vehicle. Typical hands on time is less than 30 minutes.
  • To find out more visit www.YouTube.com and search Quantum Tuning, where you will find a short video showing a straightforward OBD remap from start to finish.


  • Quantum Tuning is your first source for car tuning service tools and remapping software and we ship worldwide.
  • We sell only the best ECU Tuning Tools and ECU Remapping Software made by Alientech and here, at Quantum Tuning, we sell all of these online. Please visit our Alientech sales site for your one-stop chip tuning shop for all your professional tuning needs.
  • Alientech products are of the highest quality and are known throughout the tuning and remapping industry worldwide for being an excellent and most reliable tuning brand.
  • Quantum Tuning’s innovative dealer plans are the first choice for file supply either as a full dealer or as a white label product. If you write your own files, then the range of Alientech products on offer also include master tools.

We are Alientech’s largest supplier of slave tools and their biggest distributor in Europe. For some reason, many other Alientech resellers make the claim to be their biggest, which we guess is just wishful thinking. If you have any doubts, then verify the facts with Alientech. The Alientech KessV2 is a great tuning tool for OBD tuning and is our preferred tool. With an existing range of over 6,000 different vehicles this tool is being continually developed. Our cost for a KessV2 with car protocols, including 6 tuning files, is £1,640+VAT

Our comprehensive one-to-one day’s training, worth £450, is an essential part of what we offer. Ask yourself the question that if a mysterious black box simply arrives in the post, are you really confident to go ahead and tune a vehicle? You can buy the KessV2 cheaper from other suppliers, who will sell at a subsidised rate to lock you in to their file supply. There is no such thing as a cheap tool, as when you pay less for the tool, you end up paying more for the map. Do the maths.


Whilst the KessV2 is a great tool for OBD programming, the fact is that to be able to cover the most amount of vehicles you will need to have the capability to programme a variety of ECU’s on the bench. The type of common vehicles that need to be programmed with a K-TAG are: most VAG, Mercedes, BMW, etc from 2008. In addition you need J-Tag for all L200 and Nissan Navara’s. Bench jobs attract a higher revenue, typically £100 extra per job. There is a potentially higher risk in removing and opening up the ECU, however, we offer a free training course with every tool to help reduce that risk.

The basic K-TAG slave is from £1,464. This has limited capabilities, as to be the most effective and efficient you will also need a BDM frame and set of adaptors. We have put together an Advanced K-TAG package with everything to cover virtually all vehicles you need. This package can be bought outright for £2,937 plus VAT, or could be leased from just £65 a month. The K-Tag is a day’s IMI certified training worth £450 for just £95 held at our West London offices, situated near to Heathrow, so you can be confident about opening a programming ECU’s


We have an huge amount of technical experience and expertise and have used this to build a suite of training courses to support our dealer training and development program. Training courses are also available to independent tuners.
Remapping courses available to our dealers.

  • Basic OBD Programming
  • Advanced Bench Programming
  • Advanced K-Tag Programming
  • Chip Tuning

It is quite ludicrous to believe that you can run an effective remapping business without thorough training giving you detailed and expert knowledge. We have seen countless people over the years that have experienced what we call “black box syndrome”. Basically, they have brought a tool from a cheap supplier, told which website to download the software from and that’s it.

The first few vehicles come along, they don’t know what do, maybe even hit a problem, lose confidence and the ‘cheap’ black box sits in the corner gathering dust, worthless.



Our strategy for dealer training is very simple. The more you know the more files you will do. This, of course, then benefits both of us. Therefore, all KessV2 and K-Tag bench programming training courses worth £450 per day, are only £95, (this includes the IMI certificate) to Quantum dealers.

Whether you buy a tool from us, or have your own tool and simply buy files, then you are welcome to have training. At the same time you meet our team and understand how we work which all helps build your confidence to enable you to grow your remapping business.


Our experience of training literally hundreds of people is that group training, or the seminar approach does not work. With people naturally varying experiences and ability it is therefore important to ensure that courses are not run to the lowest ability.

Therefore, all courses are normally one-to-one, but you are welcome to bring a colleague along. This ensures the best quality training.


Our courses are not compulsory and we appreciate it that it is sometimes hard to leave your business for a day. Many people who are experienced diagnostic technicians also feel that they don’t need training. What we would say is, without exception, everyone who has initially shown reluctance to come on a course, has gone away happy that they made the effort. The choice is yours.


  • Here at Quantum Tuning, we don’t just take on dealers to make the numbers up, we want both of us to be mutually successful in the remapping business.
  • Where many of our competitors make substantial income from charging excessive up-front dealer or franchise fees, with us it’s entirely the opposite; we make an investment in your long term success.
  • Therefore, we only want to appoint companies and individuals from the motor trade, who see that they can be successful in the business and work with us to build the Quantum brand.
  • Once you have decided to go ahead you can normally be up and running within a week.
IMI Professional Tuner Course (Kess V2)
  • Gain an understanding of the remapping market, trends and current legislation and ethics
  • Understand the differences between the following
  • Chip change
  • OBD – Serial programming
  • K-Tag – Bench programming
  • Clone tools and how they damage the industry
  • How and what to research before tuning a vehicle, ECU types, dos and don’t
  • Understand Alientech Software
  • How to safely programme a vehicle
  • Pre and post programming checks
  • Trouble shooting and diagnostics
  • Precautions and procedures which need to be taken when working with vehicles,
  • associated materials, tools and equipment
  • Marketing your tuning business for best results
IMI Professional Advanced Tuner Course (K-Tag)
  • ECU types and how to identify them
  • System and procedures for bench programming
  • How to use Ksuite and the relevant software
  • Do's and don’ts in Bench programming
  • How to safely open ECUs with confidence
  • How to identify different processors
  • Using the K-Tag tool to its full potential

If you’ve been out of the game, or just feel a bit rusty and want to have some refresher training, then contact us, let us know what needs covering and book a date.


Addition to learning the nuts and bolts on our training courses, you will be meeting some of the most experienced people in the industry and learn what we know about the business. This invaluable information is very powerful.