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EVC WinOLSx– These are the credits that allow you directly connect with the Quantum Tuning WinOLSx Reseller database

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We are the UK’s largest remapping service dealer group/franchise with over 1,000 dealers in 95 countries. The Quantum Remap is truly a global brand for remapping and chip tuning and we are a market leader. Our quality tuning file service cover range of over 9,000 cars, vans, motorhomes, trucks and agricultural vehicles. As a quality led business, we care passionately about what we do and how we do it, check out our Trustpilot rating to see what our customers think of us

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EVC WinOLSx Reseller – These are the credits that allow you directly connect with the Quantum Tuning WinOLSx Reseller database

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We are the fastest growing and most progressive tuning file supplier in the world, having developed our systems to service the demands of today’s price sensitive remapping and tuning industry.

Our all-inclusive file bundle plans are simple, easy to understand, with no hidden surprises. Whether you want to introduce economy and performance remapping into your business or are looking for a new supplier of high-quality tuning files, backed up by exceptional technical support, Quantum are here to help.

Our automated server (Quantum Files on Demand, affectionately referred to as ‘QFoD’) quickly supplies quality files, twenty-four hours per day. If QFoD doesn’t return a modified file, your original will be taken care of by our large team of talented in-house file writers, working extended hours, seven days a week.

Normal file service hours are 7am-9pm GMT weekdays, 9am-4pm Saturdays and Sundays, and other times by request. All dealers get the same prices and level of service.

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Time is money. You want the best quality file as fast as possible. Quantum has invested heavily to launch QFoD (Quantum Files on Demand) to intelligently match, modify, and deliver your file round the clock. Typical turnaround is just a few minutes and typical response rate is 50% of all files.

If QFoD doesn’t have a match for your original our six-strong file writing team will create the best possible modification for you, and they can help with special requirements. With a typical turnaround of fifteen minutes, the files office is open seven days a week on extended hours.


Quality technical support starts with knowledge and our team have decades of combined experience in all aspects of tuning from OBD, to bench programming, to chip work. They are skilled problem solvers and will help you through difficult vehicle conversions, helping to improve your own skills and knowledge.

We have a comprehensive support ticket system which includes online chat. Phone support is always available – particularly important when you have a complex issue that needs resolving quickly.


As well as our great team here at Quantum, we have designed systems to support our dealers with a sophisticated dealer intranet called Qfiles that manages your files, support, sales leads and communication, etc. Another key system is the QVRM which is a superb vehicle lookup that incorporates technical tuning information for every vehicle as well as performance improvements.

These systems are available on your PC, or as an app on the smartphone called QApp.


We offer a range of IMI Certified courses to ensure that you are adequately trained and confident in all aspects of tuning vehicles. Once the course is finished then the Technical Support team will continue to hand-hold you as experience and confidence builds.

All of our courses as virtually free-of-charge and held at our Maidenhead HQ, as well as OBD and Bench courses, we also offer advanced one-to-one training days, working alongside our engineers.


Joining the Quantum Tuning dealer group is good for your business, but this might not suit everyone; so, we can supply you tuning files on a confidential basis, completely transparent to your customer base. You still get the benefits of our brilliant technical support and training.

We can also supply files on a white label basis in areas where we already have an established Quantum dealer. Again, you get all the benefits of quality les with great service, but you can’t go public with the Quantum brand, or receive sales leads.


Our main website generates a massive amount of leads, currently up to 250 a week across the network. The nature of sales leads is that not every dealer always gets them. Also, not all leads convert to a sale; however, overall they do generate valuable and signicant business. In addition, every dealer can have a free-of-charge bespoke Quantum dealer website, professionally built for best possible SEO and lead generation. We give you the tools, training, support and marketing.

To complete the circle of quality les, with a quick turnaround at lowest prices, we need to help you build your business with a suite of marketing initiatives and support.

1,000 Dealer Network
9,000 Vehicle Range
95 Countries
50,000 Vehicles
a Year


Introducing 24/7 Tuning Files from Quantum Tuning which is the first and only automated file processing system that which automatically processes your original file returns a list out all the instantly available file options with DPF, EGR, NSL etc. Simply make your selection and your file is available in minutes, ready to write to the vehicle.

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We have an huge amount of technical experience and expertise and have used this to build a suite of IMI Approved training courses to support our dealer training and development program.

  • Basic OBD Programming
  • Advanced Bench Programming
  • Advanced K-Tag Programming
  • Chip Tuning

You cannot run an effective remapping business without thorough training, giving you detailed and expert knowledge. We have seen countless people over the years that have experienced what we call “black box syndrome”. Basically, they have brought a tool from a cheap supplier, who training extended to which website to download the software from and that’s it. Then first few vehicles come along, they don’t know what do, maybe even hit a problem, lose confidence and the ‘cheap’ black box sits in the corner gathering dust, worthless.

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At Quantum Tuning we believe in quality support and dealer information and have made an enormous investment in providing our dealer group with great data.

The heart of this is our VRM lookup, where not only can general BHP and torque figures be found, but also ECU and tool information, specific vehicle tips. This means that you have virtually all the information you need in one source. For non-UK dealers all this information is available in a manual lookup.

  • Responsive Support Ticket System
  • QVRM via website and QApp
  • Quantum Dealer Facebook Groups

The VRM data is available within our dealer portal www.qfiles.co.uk and also within our smartphone phone app, so that you have the information available at your fingertips wherever you are.

As good as our online information systems are, nothing beats speaking with an expert. Our technical support team have decades of experience in the industry and available to help dealers, free-of-charge.

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