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Quantum Tuning is one of the largest vehicle remapping companies in Europe, with an extensive dealer network that we have carefully expanded since incorporating in 2011.

Based in Maidenhead, UK, with offices in Cornwall and Bedfordshire, we offer a reliable and consistent service to our customers. Our vehicle coverage is extensive, with the ability to provide tuning files for virtually every passenger car currently in use in Europe and beyond, as well as light and heavy commercial applications, motorcycles, agricultural, and marine vehicles


Quality, highly developed and proven tuning files delivered in minutes 24/7 at the lowest cost in the industry


Our focus on 100% customer satisfaction means that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our tuning files


Count on our experienced technical team are available to support and assist you in all aspects of the tuning business


We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of file-writers who ensure that our very high rate of vehicle conversion is possible on a daily basis, including an out of hours service. Backing up the file writers is an autoresponder system that provides converted files automatically, round the clock. This system is constantlybeing upgraded so that we can provide a large percentage of our conversions whether the files room is open or not.

Vehicle development is taken care of by highly experienced ECU calibration experts, who apply exacting standards to every conversion we undertake – on road, track, and dyno. Our developers have a wealth of knowledge having spent many years understanding and modifying the latest models of engine control unit, understanding the strategies they operate, and applying changes to safely increase power and torque well within an engine’s safety envelope. We pride ourselves on supplying modifications that will delight the customer without compromising engine reliability and fuel consumption.


We run a comprehensive training programme for new dealers, enhanced by Institute of Motor Industry accreditation. The courses are conducted at the Maidenhead office, and to our knowledge we are the only chip-tuning company that offers the formal backing of the IMI.

Focusing on continual improvement and investment in all aspects of our business, we are confident in our abilities to deliver the best possible product to both our dealer network and end customers. Quantum Tuning dealers can share in this confidence knowing that they are a part of the expertise on offer.